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Privacy Policy

Gibiru Search operates on https 256 bit encrypted web browsing at https://gibiru.com and on both iPhone and Android Apps.

Gibiru does not set any cookies on your device.

Gibiru does not keep any search logs.

Gibiru does not sell your data because Gibiru does not have any data about you or your web browsing history.

Gibiru.io May collect your email address if you provide it to us as it pertains to the Gibiru Token program and may email you from time to time with updates regarding Gibiru Token distribution and or our crowd source scraping app.

Gibiru does not support or condone any criminal activity or that which may cause harm to any individual person, persons or property through the use of its services.

Gibiru may monitor its server logs from time to time to manage bandwidth and site performance. No personally identifiable information like your IP address is accessible or used in these audits.

Gibiru does not protect you from malware, adware or spyware that may already be installed on your device or that might be downloaded onto your device while browsing the internet.

Browse the internet at your own risk.