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Gibiru is a private search engine that offers anonymous and uncensored search engine technology. When you search on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others your queries are often stored, packaged and sold. Your profiles are often sold to corporations and governments without your permission. The challenges with using the mainstream search engines include problems such as advertisers paying to much, denial of service (blocked), ads chasing you for things you’ve already bought, all the way to ending up on the “Terrorist Watch Lists” simply because of someone’s agenda and nothing else.

Gibiru’s anonymous and uncensored search engine is immune from the data sharing problems. Mainstream search engines are often forced to comply with requests from the national security department to provide all your search query history, your IP address, and purchasing without a warrant. This could be considered the most invasive form of privacy infringement the world has ever seen. Are you a reflection of everything you may have researched online? Gibiru thinks you are not a reflection of everything you have ever searched.

When you search the web using Gibiru private search engine, your search data is not saved on servers. Therefore, there is no profile data to sell, package or give away via partnership, or subpoena.

For added security we advise you use a VPN service, which sends search requests through a proxy IP address from a region that you specify. It removes the IP identity of the person searching.

Gibiru is the only “anonymous search engine” available that includes a “Uncensored” optional feature. Gibiru provides a VPN service as well as uncensored search results. Simply click on the “Uncensored” results link above the search results and you will see different results. These are results that have been suppressed by the mainstream search engines. Gibiru's system identifies these suppressed and censored sites and actually promotes them to the top.


Other search engines keep a separate index for news and require that a website meet very strict editorial guidelines. These requirements make it virtually impossible for new news sites or citizen journalism to break through the news censorship bubble. At Gibiru we simply use one all-inclusive index that allows the user to filter by either “date” or “relevance” in your search. You can select your preference in the upper right corner in the search. By using this feature you can find the most up to date and relevant information.

Gibiru uses a crowd sourced distributed scraping application to crawl, search and find data that tends to reflect a more true and unbiased view than is normally promoted in the mainstream. Gibiru does not waste bandwidth crawling the mainstream search index and therefore deliver it as without bias.

Gibiru offers the uncensored-search-engine button-option that computes and searches using our own “algorithm” to render uncensored results in our “Uncensored News” section.


GIBIRU was created in 2009 by a group of Internet privacy advocates. Throughout its tenure our founders and its community have been the sole funders of Gibiru. Crowd sourced funding is a part of our current model but we are in no way and never will accept financing by venture capital groups or financial institutions. Therefore, we will remain in full control of the platform, its principals and technology. Mainstream search engines are subject to financially motivated board members, shareholders and individuals that have vested interest in providing the governments and corporations with your personal data including emails and web search behavior and queries.

Gibiru offers different levels of private search features, depending on the browser that you use. It is important to know that your browser also stores information on your computer that could be used at will by the government or law enforcement at any time due to the Patriot Act without court order or subpoena.

For Maximum privacy, Gibiru recommends that you set Firefox as your default Search Engine as well activate the “Private Browsing” feature. When using other browsers such as Chrome, Opera and others, turn on your VPN and set Gibiru as your default search engine. Always begin your web search at https://gibiru.com

Search Don’t be Searched, and set Gibiru as your home page.