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Why should you care?

Well the answer is simple, not only is the current form of web tracking a basic invasion of privacy but it is illegal under the Federal Wiretap Law of 1968.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and American Civil Liberties Union, two of CISPA's chief opponents, have warned that the legislation would reveal health records, credit information, and other information to the government without first being scrubbed by the companies turning over those files.

Consider this: Not only are your search queries stored, packaged and resold to web data companies and marketers, these profiles get sold off and packaged up to corporations and the government and can end up costing you higher prices, premiums and even outright denial of service, or worse-a free membership on the Domestic Terrorist Watch List or one way ticket to the FEMA Camp near you.

What's more, the mainstream search engines are forced to comply with requests from the national security department at any time by providing all search query history related to you, your online accounts and your IP address without a warrant, thanks to recent legislation. This could be considered the most invasive form of privacy infringement the world has ever see. Can you remember everything you may have researched online? It is frightening.

When you search the web using Gibiru your search data is not saved on our servers. Thus, there is no profile data to sell, package or give away via partnership, request or subpoena. When you use our VPN service we send the search request through a proxy IP address from a region that you specify.

Gibiru is the most comprehensive Uncensored Anonymous Search Engine, providing VPN service as well as uncensored search results. Simply click on the Uncensred results link above the search results and you will see different results. These are results that have been suppressed by the main stream search engines. Gibiru's Censor bot finds these sites and and our algorithm actually promotes them instead of hiding them.

Uncensored News

Other search engines keep a separate index for news and require that a website meet very strict editorial guidelines to be included in the fake news results. These requirements make it virtually impossible for new news sites or citizen journalism to break through the news censorship bubble. At Gibiru we simply use one all inclusive index and allow the user to filter by either recency or relevancy in the upper right corner of our search results. Using this method you can find the most up to date information regarding the subject of interest the user is looking for.

So when you use Gibiru, you can rest assured that you are getting the widest view of important world news from various perspectives. Recently, the US Federal Government has had major publishers remove "Alternative News Content sites, now deemed "Fake News" from search results that may contain uncensored information on the War in Iraq, Afghanistan, and even Iran, Terror Attacks, FBI False Flags and Drills, hacker groups like Anonymous, Chemtrails, GMOs, the Occupy Movement, US diplomatic and political scandals (like Wikileaks notorious cables), UFOs, even news on astro-physics and alternative health options.

After the House Intelligence committee overwhelmingly approved an updated draft of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, by a vote of 18-to-2, the Bill could make it all the way to the desk of US President Barack Obama, and Americans will likely be subjected to having the personal information they provide to online businesses shared with the government’s top-secret spy agencies. turning the Internet into an information superhighway dominated by barricades, toll booths, off-ramps that lead to dead ends and track everywhere.

Just as major search engines were forced by China to only show negative results for the web search Dali Lama and Tibet in an agreement that would allow Google to operate business in China, the same system of censorship and secret policing of citizens is developing now. Would you trust the government's mainstream media to tell you the truth?

Uncensored News

Gibiru has its own robots that crawl less mainstream websites, sites that tend to promote "alternative" views from mainstream. Because Google and Bing crawl Lamestream media at infinum, Gibiru does not waste bandwidth crawling these mainstream sites however their content is still available through our web search and HTTPS encrypted web search. Gibiru uses its own algorithm to render uncensored results in our Uncensored News section. The algorithm is not filtered, nor censored.

If you have a site that you think should be included in Gibiru's Uncensored News results please submit it to our developers.

Anonymity and Private Browsing

Created in 2009 by internet privacy advocates, Gibiru is self funded and as such is in full control of its technology. Mainstream search engines have openly admitted to providing the governments and corporations with your personal data including emails and web search behavior and queries.

Gibiru Offers users private browsing and uncensored search results. Gibiru is presently based on modified Google Search algorithm that limits tracking of your internet behavior and privacy thus removing behavioral search result filtering and censoring so that you get natural and uncensored search results.

Gibiru offers different levels of privacy depending on the browser that you use. It is important to know that your browser also stores information on your computer that could be used at will by the government or law enforcement at any time due to the Patriot Act without court order or subpoena.

For Maximum privacy, Gibiru recommends the following, Firefox set in Private Browsing mode and set Gibiru as your default Search Engine. Opera, with VPN turned on and Gibiru set as your default Search Engine. best protect your privacy and Internet Freedom. Always begin your web search at or And don't forget to set Gibiru as your home page.

Gibiru HTTPS

Gibiru offers HTTPS 256 bit encrypted search, for those who are especially concerned about third party snoopers. Because there is some suspicion that the new https standards have been intentionally set to make it easier for certain entities to un-encrypt data transmissions by standardizing the protocol for ease of intelligence gathering, Gibiru still offers the non encrypted search at

Gibiru Privacy

Gibiru supports https 256 bit encrypted web browsing at

Gibiru does not set any cookies on your device

Gibiru does not keep your search logs

Gibiru does not sell your data because Gibiru does not have any data about you

Gibiru does not support or condone any criminal activity or that which may cause harm to any individual person, persons or property

Gibiru does not protect you from malware, adware or spyware that may already be installed on your device or that might be downloaded onto your device while browsing the internet.

Browse the internet at your own risk



When you search the web through Gibiru, the system does not use your IP address or cookie data when it returns the search results; providing you with a non personal private search experience. Gibiru makes nor implies any guarantee that a site or sites you visit after leaving the Gibiru Search Results will not be tracking you independently or storing data about you so browse the internet at your own risk. We recommend that you download the AnonymoX plugin located here: Download to allow you to easily proxy your IP address and clear cookies as you surf the web. Gibiru gathers no personal information on its users, however due to some code needed for search result API integration and bandwidth/site performance, we may monitor server logs from time to time.